Coyote's FUDGE

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"Tattoos..." The old man's dying breath echoed in the empty lodge, its last resident now gone to a brighter place.

The lodge had been constructed with the largest and oldest residents of the forest: trees which were grandfathers to all the forest when the old man was a child. On the walls fading paint and carvings depicting a coyote were stylized in the manner of the people who once lived here. Great totems carved with the coyote's grinning face supported the ceiling far above. Shadows slid in the rafters as the last embers of the old man's cooking fire died out.

I came to this place in search of knowledge and found a dying man. I had asked and his dark, knowing eyes had twinkled mischievously as with his final breath he indicated his tattoos. I drew back the old handwoven blanket from the cooling body and the rough cloth revealed what I was seeking. Written onto the weathered brown skin of the old man in black lines and curves, the ways of the lodge unfolded.

Coyote the trickster, the fool, the wise. Coyote likes to play.

The following are the variants/additions used for Coyote's FUDGE. This is a work in progress, so please check back for new material.

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