C-14 "Impaler" Gauss Rifle stats


One of the most enjoyable aspects of FUDGE for a GM is its ease of adaptation. If I want to roleplay in a, say, Gilligan's Island setting, all I need to do is whip up some character sheets and play. To do this I need to create a set of attributes common to the setting's characters and a list of any special case "genre-specific" skills common to the setting. For example, the statistic Get Rescued could be given for each character in a Gilligan setting. Thus, the Professor could have the attribute "Get Rescued: Great," while Gilligan would have "Get Rescued: Terrible." (Terrible-2?).

The same is true for any setting. The only restriction is the level of detail a GM wishes to develop before gameplay. Want a setting for Psionics in a future gone acid punk? Develop some attributes and special skills for Acid psychics and start playing. Do you have a Gothic Shirley Temple setting you've been thinking about? Create some stats and a set of skills for handling special situations and you're ready to go. Most anything else you deal with can be handled as a plot item with a simple attribute check. If you happen to be pressed for time, you can always have your players develop the attributes and skills for a setting. Just remember to do a reality check before you agree to go ahead with characters. We all know how players can get. Don't we? :)

That is what this page is for. Below, you will find the first item of a growing list of equipment I have developed for the settings in which I am GM. The list is mostly weapons right now.

C-14 '"Impaler" Gauss Rifle

This is the standard weapon of the Terran Marine from the Starcraft computer game created by Blizzard Entertainment. It uses a powerful magnetic field to violently propel several 8-mm slivers of armor-piercing pain. In the computer game, most opponents can take this sort of treatment for a little while (approximately two hits). In my FUDGE campaign, this weapon will almost instantly kill several human type opponents if used properly in a single attack.

In vanilla FUDGE terms, the Impaler is a rifle (damage: +3) with an automatic fire mode (additional +1 damage) and the special ability to ignore soft armors.

Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated Near Death Dead
Terrible Poor Mediocre Good/Fair Great Superb

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