Feinting is a form of trickery used to enhance a second or "follow-up" attack. This "follow-up" is hoped to produce a quick and decisive victory.

Roll the attack as normal. (Note: Feinting is useful in melee only!)

The relative degree of success is added as a bonus to the follow-up attack. Note: No damage is done by the feint. Also as a successful attack it counts as a successful defense for the round it was applied in.

For example: Mad Bart successfully feints Crazy Ed for a +4 relative degree of success. Mad Bart's Great sword skill +2 vs. Crazy Ed's Fair sword skill +0 = total of +4 relative degree. This bonus is then applied to Mad Bart's attack next round. This attack is the "follow-up."

Failure results in no bonus for the follow-up attack, failure to defend in a simultaneous attack situation, and the opponent receiving a +1 bonus for next round.

Additionally, some martial arts provide additional bonuses when feinting as they represent tried and true techniques which exploit psychological weaknesses in the opponent.

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