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The Night Sky, continued.

Visitors are led to the ‘Floor’. A vast multi level collection of open stalls and rooms where various merchants sell their wares to passerby’s. Some of the larger rooms are occupied by food and drink establishments. Opened to cater to the needs of both visitors and merchants.

Cherbog’s Elite

The administrators – A council of 6 vampires

Enforcers: Blind Seth – Wraith, surrounded by a frost aura

The staff: Revenants – Willingly raised to serve Charbog until their contract is up. They are then released into death and buried with honors.

The Pack – Vampire hounds, 12 in number. The largest is “Sinan.” The hell hounds are released by blind Seth. Usually to handle threats that cannot be handled by the staff.

Militia – some of the merchants have banded together to act as community police. They hope to handle small problems before blind Seth notices.

A.N. Cults

The current largest cult active in the stones is The Strangling Vine.

Majority: human

There are many small groups of mad folk, but clashes between them are rare despite their often opposed philosophies.

The ascension of The strangling vine was a surprise to everyone. An opportunity created when the Rolling Eye cult and the Fangs of Aphyron destroyed each other pursuing a exiled vampire.

The leader of The Strangling vine is Acacia Sym. Acasia is a cunning mad woman. She was driven mad by close personal contact with an extra dimensional being which manifests as mottled green and red vines with obsidian thorns.

She learned focus:evocation (vines) from it and carries its word to the unbelievers. It’s main goals involve the location of a peculiarly colored sun and a seed that is lost.  Occasional attempts to locate the seed or to investigate vine appearances are hampered by her madness.

Cult of Zen-Bratohn:

Majority: orc

Operating from the shadows, the followers of Zeh-Bratohn seek to improve attitudes about orcs. They act to police out of control orcs and perform charitable acts as orcs. Zeh’s followers have a high percentage of healers, magical and mundane. They are secretive about their purpose in the stones. They have ties to Klehnaki raiders but take pains to avoid them.

The Rose Garden

majority: mixed

technically a brothel catering clients in the stones. An inner circle is made up of 30+ initiates of a blind love god. Mostly harmless in nature, the rose garden is home to some of the stones most connected information brokers.

Order of Light

majority: human,elf

A Royal sanctioned anti- undead task forces. Their Official duties are officially to police cults. They have royal sanction to kill undead at will. This is why they are in the stones. Their presence is physically painful to the undead. They are all trained focus: evocation – sunlight and heavy armor operations. Officially, they lobby royals for permission to destroy the Stones by hurling them at A.N. Worlds. It takes very little provocation to get zealots to go rogue and start the purge without sanction.


Sarina Staroak – elf commander

Doriana Vey – elf, high crusader

Sir Johan Blank – human, sub commander

The order commissioned a small hollow rock to act as their base / sun cathedral. The base is the “Far Star Cathedral.“

The Fire Swarm

a klehnaki swarm comprised of three working ship sized vessels and a dozen smaller vessels.

The firestorm’s main tactic is to set their vessels on fire and crash them.  The fire swarm has an old orc fire and death cult at its heart. These shaman have changed the game for the swarm. The smaller vessels when tasked with fire bombing the crews are protected from fire and impact when they crash their vessel into a target. They emerge from the wreckage and fight crew using the flames as cover to hamper fire fighting efforts.

Bloodtusk’s Second Fireborn

[Orc firestorm traditionalist, Follow the old way, return Klehnaki, Chosen of the fire spirits, Item: book of the ancient flame]

careful-fair, clever-great,forceful-good,flashy-superb,quick(orc)-good, sneaky-good


focus: shaman

Ancient flame, tome – because I hold the tomb of the ancient flame, I get +2 to flashily create a shaman advantage involving fire.

Disciple of the ancient flame – Because I am the chosen, I am immune to mundane fire.

Fire swarm orc raider

[][] attack: fair

stunt: immune to fire and crash damage



[ghost ship – experimental warship]

careful-med, clever-poor,forceful-poor,flashy-med,quick(orc)-ave, sneaky-ave

working ship [][][]


Navigation, Weapon station: scorching Ray 2, engine +1 mild consequence

Not there: 1/session vessel can concede and disappear because everyone is shooting at an illusion.

Cloud generator: Flashy +2 to defend inside dramatic black clouds

Ghost crew:  Slay living +2 / be subtle -2


Immortal pirate captain – Captain Dain

[vengeance driven revenant, hate filled monster]

superb: kill the living +4/ avoid trouble -2


void filled cutlass – 1/fight increase the severity of a consequence.


Orc ship to ship sniper

[orc blow gunner]

shoot+2/avoid hand to hand -2


blowgun darts: on a success with style trade a boost for a situation aspect of:

[poisoned] no action until overcome.

[hallucinating] this compels a full attack action on nearest person until overcome.

[sleeping] sleeping until overcome.


Torin ship yards – goblin collective of ship builders. The collective refers to itself as Torin yards. In addition to their work on several solid ship designs , they rent labor and expertise to other ship yards when they need skilled help. Torin yards is a great supply depot for the invisible fleet.  It is also a monitoring base for spying on royal and a.n. Interactions. The monitors are a professional espionage team. They occasionally finance adventurers to handle problems that haven’t been noticed by official channels.

Goblin Torin mechanic:

[sneaking and spying]+2/[direct confrontation]-2

Vaeda Torin:

[Goblin master ship engineer]

[monitor base commander]

[retired ship captain: serrated fang]

[deep reserves]

[Collector of A.N. Crypt artifacts]


A.N. Crypt artifacts

Phylactery : Bound soul of a lich. 1/fp call on a lich sponsored power to grant wpn:2 to a magical attack. User gains the aspect [sponsored] with no free tags. It lingers until payed off or the phylactery is returned to its owner.

Complication: if the lich is destroyed. It’s soul will possess and sponsored creature in possession of the phylactery.

Blood totem: a vampire fetish which contains one of the blood demons used to create a vampire by the A.N. creation rite. 1 charge – release blood demon servant. It requires 1 adult body’s worth of blood to manifest. Blood demon lasts for 1 scene.

[blood demon] drain or engulf+2/solidify or hide -2

stunt: All Blood – 1/ scene drain attack if successful with style it forces a med consequence and the advantage [growing bigger] instead of a boost.

Staff of Ebon Rites: Staff made of a gnarled black wood of great age. Careful +2 to cast rituals.

Ring of Vedec: Gaudy gold ring created by the fashion challenged wizard, Vedec. A duelist mage. Considered one of the fastest casters of his age. Ring provides quickness +2 for determining initiative.

Bracers of the Elements: Studded with black stones carved from some lost asteroid. When it’s user uses evocation lightning to defend a success with style trade a boost for 2 stress inflicted on the attacker.




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