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Sector issue: Riddled with claim jumpers

Planet base: Draug Hold (Asteroid Base)

Planet issue: the hungry dead are always watching

“The Stones” are an asteroid belt circling a binary system. A yellow star dancing with a brown dwarf. The belt is littered with valuable minerals and raw gems.

Miners of all types flock here. Mining the stones is hard, dangerous, work. Good work for dwarves. Small independent mining companies dot the belt. Attracting scavengers, who pick off the unwary in the shadows on the belt’s fringe. Rumors of an army of claim jumpers working the outer ring are unsubstantiated but plausible.

A large grey asteroid circles in the inner ring casting shadows behind it as it passes. This is the orbital tomb called “Draug Hold”. Set here by the annular necrocracy (a.n.)  to act as a listening post and trade center on the edge of their territories. The hold is populated by legions of undead led by a dwarven lich  named “A’heet” Stoneborn Glassmaker. Glassmaker is locally infamous for encasing miscreants in glass and keeping the preserved corpses as decorations in the trade tunnels of Draug Hold.


The A.N established Draug Hold to act as a forward observation post and intelligence gathering tool in its cold war with the Royals. It performs the first function using a type of highly sensitive life sensing specter array under the control of the resident lich. It’s second function is achieved by sponsoring a trade hall (The Tunnels) in neutral space just close enough to the a.n. to prevent direct Royal assault. The trade hall is monitored and policed by a powerful revenant. Various servitor undead report interesting conversations to it directly. The revenant was a human named “Dral Tem”.

The trade hall is frequented by orc pirates whose missions are funded by Dral. They are generally well behaved when visiting the hold. Their leader , a nasty captain called Kirgaz’s third Ston Aetherclaw, is being blackmailed by Dral. He isn’t actual Kirgaz’s third or even of the line of Kirgaz and should his crew discover this. They would turn on him. Also, he betrayed his previous crew to an elven patrol to escape detention. This betrayal is public knowledge, if not the details of it. Among orc pirates, several popular drinking songs cover “The Betrayal”. Unfortunately for Ston, one of those killed was collected by Dral and interrogated postmortem.

Adventure seed:

One of Dral’s spies , a goblin named Pehn, has escaped the “3 Blades” shipyard with plans for a new class of dreadnought. Ston’s Pirates have been sent to collect Pehn by Dral. But, Royal fast attack boats are in hot pursuit.  The players find themselves caught in the middle of a slug fest between orc pirates and the Royal Navy.

5 pirate boats

4 royal fast attack boats

1 fleeing spy with plans on a goblin blockade runner

Pehn is a master spy. He could easily swap to the players vessel leaving his own (burning) vessel to smash into the pursuing royal boats. He will attempt to bargain or hijack the players vessel.

Players find themselves in possession of some very hot merchandise because of Pehn. The plans have a tracking spell on them making them easy to find. This is how the arriving Royal frigate “The Hand of Vengeance “ (HOV) will locate their current position and bear down on that location under full power.


Pursued- fleeing the arrival of “The Hand” . The players play cat and mouse with a clearly superior vessel that can track them.

Draug Hold boarders – a platoon of Draug Hold dead arrive to acquire the plans. Compliance will be rewarded. They will not leave without the plans and/or Pehn.

HOV boarders – Capt. Zek, a troll with a no nonsense attitude and experience with pirates. He is a stubborn and calculating foe. He has a secret weapon he will use if it appears the plans are about to fall into a.n. hands. A platoon of anti-undead marines reinforced by dwarf battle healers. All platoon members are armed with alchemist solar silver weapons, very rare weaponry outside the Royal Navy.

Plans Acquired – detailed data on a new class of anti-undead dreadnought. A type of magic banned under the current treaty. The plans will allow the A.N. a short time within which to violate the current treaty without consequences if they can get evidence.

Secrets – unknown to both sides there is an application to this research that any spell user could see. The spell could create a creature of necromantic origin from a dead world or star. While ethically suspect such a creature could easily turn the tide of the ongoing cold war. Pehn used a spell to secretly transmit the data to a hidden specter array used for spying on Royal Space. Which leads the players to step 2.

Step 2: Ice Cold War

The A.N. Deploys a research vessel to a small dead moon at the very outer edge of the system. The moon is code named “the clouded eye”.  The vessel, “Bone saw”, is a black ops vessel used for black ops missions. It is typically crewed by intelligent undead.

The Royals approach:

The Royals send an operative of their own and contact the party. Considering player involvement in the last mission, the Royals are prepared to make them one of the two following offers.

  1. To clear their names in exchange for cooperation. Cash + maintenance in Royal shipyards.
  2. To Smear their names as traitors to Royal space. The Players do want to be able to travel in Royal space again don’t they?

The Clouded eye rises:

Sector issue: Hot dead star radiates no light.

planet: Clouded eye

planet issue: Illegal necromantic research

A tiny moon orbiting a dim star. A secret base ruled by a goblin vampire named Izmelda Darkshore. The Eye is technically a research base which moonlights as an observation post tasked with monitoring nearby Royal military transport corridor. The vessel, tracked by Royal Intel Scryers to the Eye, is the A.N. “Bone saw”. A black as space stealth frigate with experimental star field illusion generator. The “Bone saw” is captained by an ex human turned ghoul named, Ansel TurnCrow. Ansel has arrived to witness a new development in necromancy on behalf of the A.N.. The reanimation of a dead star. A potentially game changing magical technique. Depending on the outcome, the decades old cold war could end and with it all living things.

The Clouded Eye is a featureless rock with a breathable atmosphere and little else. It orbits a dead star which is slowly cooling over eons. There is a population of still living folk on Clouded Eye in service to the A.N.. They perform support functions for the base as well as serving as a food source for Izmelda.

Security: Captain of the guard [bound wight, the barrow calls]

fight +2/ control rage -2 ps:3 ms:2

4 shadows – elite security [untouchable undead shadow]

freeze+2/touch-2 ps:1 ms:2 (immune to non-magical physical attacks)

12 Draug Hold marines [Draug dead, only a head-shot matters]

fight+2/stealth-2 ps:2 ms : <n/a>  stunt: defend at +2 vs ranged attacks because [only a head shot matters].

the plan:

  1. Infiltrate
  2. Investigate
  3. Sabotage

Location – Ritual site: set into the rim of a crater is a small amphitheater. Symbols in precious metals that ring the 3 tiered amphitheater. An ornate alter on a raised dais lies at the center. The ritual itself involves the sacrifice of a dozen living slaves and the bones of 3 fallen necromancers. These slaves were delivered by the “Bone Saw”. The slaves are abductees from around royal space and are currently enthralled by Izmelda. They are also valuable evidence of a treaty violation by the A.N..

NPC: Izmelda Darkshore

[Exotic Goblin Vampire, Problems with sunlight, Brilliant necromantic researcher, I set my own agenda, I remember my roots]

Careful-good, Clever-ave, Forceful-med, Flashy-fair(vampire), Quick-ave, Sneaky-fair(goblin)

Focus: Necromancy (careful)

Fog Defense – because I am a vampire , I can use sneaky+2 when I transform into a fog to defend.

Create Thrall – because I am a vampire , I can use flashy+2 when I create the aspect [dominated] on a victim.

Blood is life – because I am a vampire , I recover 1 minor consequence if I succeed with style and sacrifice the boost when biting.

NPC: Ansel Turncrow

[Human turned ghoul, Flesh eating gourmand, Council’s agent, Authority and responsibility, Smartest ghoul in the graveyard ]

Careful-fair, Clever-good, Forceful-fair, Flashy-ave(human), Quick-good(ghoul), Sneaky-great

Falls from the bone – because I am a ghoul, I recover 1 minor consequence if I succeed with style and sacrifice the boost when biting.

Grave Rot – because I am a ghoul, I create the aspect [grave rot] when I attack with style and sacrifice my boost on a bite attack.

Paralyzing Touch- because I am a ghoul , I use quickly+2 to create the advantage [paralyzed] when I touch living non-elven skin.

Ship: A.N. Bone Saw

[shadowy stealth frigate]  fp:2

[universally reviled]

size warship (major ship)

Component: stealth field generator (Sneaky+2 when hiding but not moving)

Component: weapon system (spine torpedo)

Careful-med, Clever-poor, Forceful-ave, Flashy-poor, quick-good, Sneaky-ave


The ritual to awaken a dead sun spirit begins.

  1. Consecration – a team of living servants (5) prepare the area with tensors of acrid smelling black smoke and 3 braziers are lit.
  2. Sacrifice – 3 bundles of bone filled rags are thrown into the braziers. The bones of fallen necromancers crackle merrily in their braziers.
    1. Living victims (12) are then sacrificed one after the other to feed the spell.
  3. The Naming – how Izmelda learned or created the name of a dead star is a mystery. Fortunately, the device required to be heard in the vast airless void is large and complicated. It is a design based on a modified spectral array common to the A.N.. The Sun Spectre’s name is “A’shuus the empty gaze”. A’shuus isn’t stated because it has a godlike level of power.

Scenario: Diamond and Stone

An accident unleashes an asteroid of undead into the unsuspecting mining range of the stones. A nickel iron asteroid, hollowed out with undead laborers to create a A.N. war ship.

Built in secret, it was fitted with an experimental “death drive” for longer operational range then black silver commonly used in the A.N..

and deployed to Draughold for crew. It’s officially gone rogue.

A.N.S. Hammer Maw

[hollowed out iron war moon]

[undead automation]

[crew of one]

size: warship

Force-ave, Sneaky-ave, Careful-med, Flashy—med, Clever- poor, Quick-poor


  1. Weapon system – lightning projectors
  2. weapon system – armored ram (force+2)
  3. tractor chain – to catch smaller boats (careful+2)

Resources [][][][]

Introduction: Players are passing through The Stones carrying minor cargo. They are suddenly contacted by the A.N. via messenger spirit.

The indentured spirit of a human woman appears on the bridge of their vessel and begins repeating the message. “Message follows. Vessels traveling in the stones be advised. The rogue vessel “Hammer Maw” has been sighted in the vicinity. Use all caution. Avoid contact and report its location to the nearest A.N. Representative. “

The spirit lists a 10000 A.N. gold reward for the destruction of the Hammer Maw. The woman’s figure vanishes.

Delivery of their cargo proceeds without incident.


The crew wass contacted for a short run to an outpost to deliver foodstuffs in exchange for minerals, an easy job with good wages.

Docking at Grinding Rock is made difficult by unusually high levels of ship debris. Overcome difficulty = good.

Secret issue: current – hotbed of the cold war.

Planet issue: Organized crime is good government.

Outpost – Grinding Rock:

After docking and assessing any damage taken during the landing, the crew becomes aware of the eerie silence. No outpost crew comes to greet them. This is very unusual.

The search: Grinding rock

  1. Forceful, flashy = great difficulty
  2. Clever, quick = good difficulty
  3. Careful, sneaky = fair difficulty

Discovery stress: [][][]

discovery box 1 = ore warehouse – dozens of corpses where an apparent last stand took place. Evidence of miner on miner combat. Clever vs. good difficulty to determine that some victims were reanimated before being re-killed by their crew mates. [Postmortem wounds]

discovery box 2 = living quarters – corpses with defensive wounds. These miners were caught unprepared and were unarmed. Clever vs. good difficulty uncovers the corpse of a standard issue A.N. Reanimated Assault Skeleton ( armored marine type)

discovery box 3 = offices – a few corpses, but obvious signs of looting. Strewn invoices, overturned tables, and the back wall of the overseers office has been torn open where the safe was torn out of the rock and carried off.

note: Failed rolls result in random wandering reanimated corpses attacking in numbers, as required, to keep the crew moving.

New Direction:

The “Hammer Maw” appears.


  1. If the crew posted a watch. They have time to load and try to escape.
  2. otherwise, check quickness of the Hammer Maw vs. lowest player quickness. (Note: faster crew may opt to ditch slower players and then circle back to rescue, or not. Their choice.) Failure leaves crew on the rock when the Maw begins attacking the ship.

The Hammer Maw uses flashy to attack with lightning projectors. It will use forceful to ram when in open space.

player options:

  1. Fight – Hammer Maw has the advantage in an open space fight, but in a [debris field] it needs to spend time flashily overcoming the aspect with lightning projectors.
  2. Run – Hammer Maw is not quick, but it will pursue relentlessly.
  3. Hide – The Hammer Maw can move in a stealthy (sneaky) manner if required. It’s weak sensors have difficulty overcoming  sneaky advantages.
  4. Boarding- Hammer Maw is big enough that it would have trouble spotting an opponent in it’s shadow.

Boarding action notes:

  1. Typical crew on the Hammer Maw are reanimated skeletons. They have programmed functions to perform. They will continue to work unless attacked. When attacked all crew present attack together.
  2. The commander unit is an elaborately decorated skeleton. It is bonded to Magda, the vessels current captain.
  3.  Removing Magda from control ends the threat.
  4. She can order the crew to defend her.
  5. Destroying the commander ends her control over the Hammer Maw. This also releases the being that is held in the death drive. (Oops)

The Death Drive:

An experimental new power source for ships is tested. Easier to create and longer lasting then the standard Royal Silver Sink drive system. This makes it extremely illegal in Royal space. It draws on the necromantic field of a powerful undead creature. The A.N. is planning to create special purpose undead to fill the power supply role.  In this instance, they have used a condemned criminal.

The elven vampire Brotol Vesh, was condemned to the Hammer Maw for experimentation. He has used his not inconsiderable charms to turn Magda into a traitor .

Brotol is an ancient vampire from Home world. He used his knowledge of troll lore to convince Magda that he is a troll cultural treasure. A historical source to learn ancient troll legends from. Legends that troll society considers lost before the calamity.

The A.N. put such a large bounty on the Hammer Maw that Magda’s attempts to put ashore and escape into Royal space have all been met with attacks. Magda is now focused on acquiring an new vessel by piracy.

NPC: Magda

[Terrifying Troll Starless Knight, A.N. Foster-ling, Rage fueled action, servitor: Command skeleton, Dark and Foreboding]

Careful-ave , clever-ave ,forceful- fair(troll) ,flashy- Good, quick- Fair ,sneaky- Med


Evocation: Negative energy – create negative energy advantages and attacks

Skeleton – Fair: acts as controller of the Hammer Maw’s skeleton crew. +1 med consequence.


A troll of the Starless Knights. Abducted at a young age from an orphanage in Royal space. She is a ruthless officer of the A.N.. She has been turned against the A.N. by the careful influence of Vesh.


Ship: ANS Hammer Maw

[Hollowed out Iron War Moon, Undead Automation, Official crew of One]

quick-poor, forceful-poor, sneaky-ave, flashy-med, careful-med

component: Weapon station – Lightning generator, Weapon station – Armored Ram (force+2 when ramming, requires a strait run),

Weapon station – Tractor Chain (Careful+2 to capture a smaller vessel)


Organization: The Starless Knights

An order of slave knights raised in the A.N.. The order recruits talented orphans from a series of orphanages run by a front organization in Royal space.  Children showing early talent in magic are recruited into the Starless Order. The order operates on the frontier seeking to subvert or destroy the lit worlds. The knights are trained in the use of evocation: negative energy. They are assigned to support undead groups as healers and special weapons units. Uniforms and armor are black with scarlet accents. Their symbol is a red stylized sun with a grinning fanged mouth at its center.

NPC: Brotol Vesh

[Ancient elven vampire, Problems with sunlight, Collector of trollish trivial, Leader of elven heretical sect, A.N. Traitor]

Careful- good, clever-superb(elf),forceful-fair,flashy-good(vampire ), quick- fair,sneaky-ave


fog defense – because I am a vampire, I can use sneaky +2 when I transform into a fog to defend.

create thrall – because I am a vampire, I get +2 to flashily create the advantage [dominated]

Blood is the life – because I am a vampire, I recover my highest stress box when I succeed with style on a bite attack and I sacrifice my boost.


The pale white of death, Brotol is an ancient vampire and is losing his resemblance to the elf he used to be. His eyes are rich burgundy red in color and his face is vaguely bat like. He is currently dressed in a bloodied white hospital gown.

Location: The Stones

Ruling body: the Syndicate ( dwarves enforcers)

Majority – dwarves

The dwarves of the syndicate are a private lot. They count themselves as neither Royals or A.N. And are far enough away that neither the Royals nor the A.N. have pushed the issue. The area called the Stones has no obvious value, strategically, to either side. The main value of The Stones is a neutral force policed security zone between the empires. The syndicate enforcers keep the region under control and work to keep conflict low key. The stones have become a hotbed of spies, brigands, and revolutionaries. Dwarf religion is based on speaking to the stones themselves. The dwarves are more open minded then usual in The Stones. Each major asteroid has a name and a personality.

Welcome to Octus:

Octus is the undisputed center of The Stones government. Here the only requirement for a seat is undisputed rule over one of the stones. A seat grants one vote. Who casts the vote or sits in the seat must be determined by the inhabitants of the particular stone in question. The A.N. has a seat on the council because of the presence of the Draug Hold. The Royals do not maintain a seat, but are support by loyalists.

Organization: The Enforcers

Dark suited and well groomed, the Enforcers are not police. They are the made-men and women of the Syndicate. They buy their way in with gold and influence and become “The Made”. The face of the organization is Dram Hammersmith. Enforcers choose their leaders based on influence and power. This makes Dram the most influential dwarf in The Stones.

NPC: Dram Hammersmith Stonesborn

[Dwarf leader of the enforcers, Obligations to the stones, Native Octan, Steeped in the rich tradition of hammer making, Infatuated with goblin women]

Skills: careful(dwarf) – fair, clever – good, forceful – ave, flashy – fair, quick – med, sneaky – ave


Back alley general – Because I am a General, I can use careful+2 to create clever advantages involving groups of people.

Ancient hammer arts – Because I am a hammer maker, I get weapon:2 when using a hammer I made

Speachify – because I lead the enforcers, I can use flashy+2 to create adv on listeners from the Stones.


Graying at the temples, Dram is dressed in a finely cut dark suits of charcoal grey with a white button down shirt. He wears a memorable bowler hat with a scarlet band. A large gold ring is worn of his left hand.

Stones of note:

Octus – Which speaks of the eight foretold. The dwarf stone readers say Octus tells the story of eight heroes, unnamed. The stone readers never say anything more of what they read in Octus. They only say, ”He could not choose and she will not choose.”

Fin – Which speaks of food undreamed of and difficult to describe.

Relin – A collection of short tales in which the joke is always on the reader.

Desak – Which has no stories, but is a den of scum and villainy

Zuun – Which only asks ,”why?”, over and over on every tunnel wall and passage. The more superstitious of miners say that if someone digs deep enough they will find a new kind of rock that has the answer. These miners often gather as a cult in dark lit taverns.

NPC: The Speaker for Stone

[Dwarf critic turned holy woman, Not very sane, Stone reader, Dwarf nationalist with Klehnaki ties, Anti-Royal agitator]

Skills: careful(dwarf) – good, clever – fair, forceful – ave, flashy – med, quick – ave, sneaky – fair


Evocation: earth

Animation: earth

Word of stone – Because I am the stone reader, I get +2 to overcome the resistance of a dwarf.


Vessel: The Stone church – a ship built like a stone tower and crewed by loyal dwarves and elementals.


NPC: Lore Master Jon Troll

[Trollish lore master, Historian activist, Core world journalist, Rakish and fashionable, Loyal following of fans]

Skills: careful – good, clever – ave, forceful(troll) – fair, flashy – fair, quick – med, sneaky – ave


The Jonish army – 1/session find an extremely helpful person who is a fan.

Secret histories – because I am a keeper of ancient troll lore, I am sneaky +2 when moving quietly among non trolls

Trolls gaze – because I am a troll journalist, I can use forceful +2 when intimidating an non-troll.


Location: The Hammer and Stone pub.

Built into a mined out asteroid husk. The Hammer and Stone acts as a local watering hole and neutral ground. It is here that the various factions of the syndicate meet in peace. The proprietor is a dwarf so big he has been called ,”half troll”. No one ever does this to his face, or course.

Virgil  shoemaker stoneborn was born on home world and emigrated to The Stones shortly after arrival in Royal space. He crafted a web of agreements and coercion that rivals the Syndicate in scope. He is an unofficial member of the syndicate. His is a strange tale. His greatest talent is a nearly supernatural talent with logistics and accounting. He uses trustworthy agents throughout Royal space and the A.N. to ship and receive goods, services, and information in a timely fashion. Time acts as his ally due to his planning skills.

NPC: Virgil shoemaker stoneborn

[Biggest dwarf ever, Terrifying visage, Business partners everywhere, Owe a lot and owe everyone, Plan for long term. Adapt in-the short]

Skills: careful(dwarf)-fair, clever-fair, forceful-ave, flashy-med, quick-ave, sneaky-good


The Web – 1 FP to contact an expert who owes you.

Fixer – Because I am a fixer, I get a +2 to carefully acquire exotic items as an advantage

Mithril touch – because everything I touch has value to someone, I get +3 when tapping wealth advantages

NPC: Avena Shoemaker Aetherborn

[Dwarven mine collapse survivor, Survivor guilt and ptsd, Reformed tomb raider, Assassin guild sleeper agent and pub owner]

Skills: careful(dwarf)-fair, clever-ave, forceful-ave, flashy-med, quick-good, sneaky-fair


Shadow strike – Because I am an assassin, I get +2 to sneakily attack from the shadows.

Hunter – Because I used to raid crypts in the a.n., I get +2 to cleverly attack the undead.

Proprietor – Because I own the hammer and stone, I get +2 to quickly create architectural advantage in the hammer and stone using hidden passages and equipment.

Items: Smuggled gear

Wight blade – 1/session, a combat attack with a magical dirk. Empowered to wpn: 4 if it hits. This ability can be triggered after a hit.

Specter bomb – (plot device) 1/campaign, inflict sever consequence on 2 zones. Those killed rise as angry souls and begin killing survivors who then rise as well.

Soul wand: (2 stunts) – necromantic weapon, flashy+2 to attack the incorporeal, Capable of attacking incorporeal creatures. Acts as a whip up to 2 zones and can maneuver around defenses, corners.

Dead memories(potion) – usually used by A.N. Interrogators to question the dead. An excellent tool for gathering intelligence. Unfortunately, it can become an addiction. The buying and distribution of dead memories is becoming a problem.

Stunt: Extra – potion of dead memories (1/scene), 1fp to pull out a potion of dead memories pertaining to the task at hand. Careful+2 to overcome pertaining to memories being consumed. Option: Succeed with a cost and gain the aspect [addiction] (for use as a permanent stunt by a player)

Stunt: Enhanced undead, intelligence: because they are enhanced, they get +2 clever to create advantage using their alien cunning. (add as a stunt to any unintelligent undead)

House Fen:

Lead by matriarch Lucinda Fen.

Lucinda’s daughters occupy all positions of authority in House Fen.

A powerful trade house, House Fen , has mysteriously moved all their holdings to The Stones. The main manor is in a large granite asteroid near Octus. It is woven with spells and wards providing security and comfort for its inhabitants. This is Fen manor.

House Fen ‘s daughters are notoriously ruthless and frugal. Several work as sell swords to the syndicate when the price is right. They are highly trained swords women and magical dabblers.

House Fen has an agenda in The Stones. They are forging strong trade bonds with the guilds, the syndicate, and crypt raiders. They offer unsolicited aid to adventure groups with casual mentions of monetary rewards for unusual stones, equipment or artifacts if any should be found.

Fen occasionally commissions dwarven guilds to tap and mine particular spots on very specific stones, often with no monetary expectations.

NPC: Lucinda Fen

[Elven matriarch of house fen, The house and only the house, Mathematician magi, Memories of home world, Goblin allies of the secret pact]

Careful-great,Clever-superb(elf), Forceful-fair,Flashy-good, quick-good,Sneaky-great


alteration magic

focus: math magician- create adv in the form of blessings and predictions. The math magician is using divination to determine optimum success or failure. Magic acts as a computer , the magician’s will is the input.

Ex: a sword woman calculates fields of fire in her zone. She creates advantage +2 barriers to hit her as she knows where the enemy will hit and miss when attacking.

Ex: calculates a target’s actions to create a strike zone adv.+2 to hit.

NPC: Mabe Fen

[Lucinda’s 1st daughter , The house is first, Alchemist master, Syndicate ties, A.N. Ties]

Careful-ave, Clever-good(elf), Forceful-med, Flashy-ave, quick-fair, Sneaky-fair


Alchemy – Cleverly create adv by crafting potions, poisons, or philters. Requires a lab, resources, and time. Ex. Wraith oil- weapon venom adds wpn:2 to first hit by a treated weapon.

Dark charisma – Clever acts as flashy in social events.

Anatomy – Because I studied anatomy, I get +2 to Cleverly create weakness advantages

NPC: Jubek Sen

[Son of  the fen, The house and only the house,  Vanity with purpose, Order of light supporter, Royal ties]

Careful-med, Clever-ave(elf), Forceful-fair, Flashy-good, quick-ave, Sneaky-fair


Lay it on thick – Because I am handsome and I know it, I get +2 to flashily create adv based on my flattery

Misdirection – Because my flattery has purpose, I can tag a flattery adv at +3.

Organization: Klehnaki swarm

Orc raiders in stolen ships. The swarm has learned to stay away from established routes, but will wait at the fringes to attack and capture unwary vessels to add to the swarm. Several small secret bases are hidden in un-populated parts of the stones. Most swarm vessels are small merchant vessels stripped for speed and equipped for boarding.

NPC: Klehnaki boarder: [][] Skill: attack – ave

Ship: Klehnaki swarm ship

[Stripped for speed, Crawling with orcs, Fly it like you stole it]

quick-ave, forceful-ave, sneaky-med, flashy-poor, careful-poor

Component: boarding harpoon – forcefully create adv [hooked]

Location: Night Sky Market

[Clandestine necromantic moving market, Everything for sale, Master Cherbog ” The Leach”]

The night sky market is a massive ship. It was designed in the fever dreams of a necromancer. Bone, stone, and frozen flesh are its main materials. Created to emulate the elven tree stations, horribly. It is classified as as a small moon.

It runs an unsanctioned market for extremely illegal goods and gambling. Doubly illegal as the Royals and the A.N. both don’t approve of it. But, it is too useful for intelligence gathering to shut it down.

Its interior is opulent. Red carpets on black slate tile lit by flickering torch stones in somber but homey hues.

Master Charbog

[Flamboyant human lich, Independent operator, First order necromancy , Ultimate party organizer , Hobbyist orc genealogist]

Careful-great(lich), Clever-great, Forceful-fair, Flashy-good(human), Quick-good, Sneaky-gold


Absorb damage – Because I am dead, I get +2 to quickly absorb damage when defending against physical weapons

Experienced necromancer – Because I am a lich, I get a +2 to carefully use necromancy ritually

Focus: necromancy

focus: evocation-Frost



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