Mar 042020

The tomb of Opacus

Opacus was a necromancy researcher specializing in ghosts and apparitions. She was brilliant and driven. Terrible traits for an apolitical necromancer. A rival had her killed in her lab. Unfortunately, her true death was inhibited by the spells she had woven into the very walls of her lab.
Her lab is now her tomb. She is a specter bound to this plane of existence. Her magic allows her to create magical anchors which prevent her from passing on and allow her to travel beyond her tomb.  These anchors hide and house her incorporeal form allowing her to travel secretly. She can teleport between anchors. In A.N. Society, a lich is beloved for having defeated death, but Opacus has allied with death. There are many who desire her research.


[Spectral Necromancy Outcast]
[Political dissident]
[Death’s ally]
Quick: +3, Forceful: +2, Flashy:+2, Clever:+1, Careful: +1, Sneaky: 0


Animation: Spirit summoning

Possession: Forceful+2 to possess a victim. Attacks do mental stress. A Victim must concede or be taken out to be possessed. (Mental stress)

4 Anchors: for a fate point, concede defeat and vanish to one of the seven anchors.

Incorporeal: great +4 – overcome to hit and (armor:2), Vulnerable to Fire, Magic, Alchemy (purified weapons)

Weapon techniques (stunts)

Read technique: use defense skill to learn an aspect of the target on a success with style. This costs the boost normally generated

Preferred Enemy: wpn:2 vs one kind of target (Human, Undead, Dwarf, etc…)

Elven Blade Adept: school of magic focused on the blade attack and defend with magic. A weapon is magically created for the user to use. Alteration magic. Self only advantages

Subtle Attack: tag a [feint:off balance] aspect for +3

Plan of Action: Carefully plan an attack, retroactively. Pay 1fp and describe a scene where you layout a plan in advance for this situation. Create aspect Carefully with 2 tags

Totem Crafting: Craft a totem to affect a zone . Place a zone aspect Carefully. Carve/Craft the one use totem with 2 tag aspect of a spiritual nature. Requires shaman spell casting

examples: [rage totem] [fear totem]

fair difficulty to overcome, Spend tags to increase difficulty or actively resist overcome actions.



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