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I’m trying for one post a week here. No promises though, this isn’t the back alley of the internet for no reason.

I wanted to post a couple of quick additions to my diaspora game. The gadgets. Diaspora includes a framework to build technologies from scratch. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s a neat technique so I’ll begin.

My players should be forewarned. Possible spoiler alert.

Meet their new employer, Tu-Anon-Romten. A Gemman aspiring to goddesshood.

Gemman culture is unique in that the disparity between the haves and have-nots is so vast that those at the top of the chain decided to play deity. They get away with this largely because at some level everyone in their culture plays along. Think of this as celebrity culture gone nuts. The gemma system is littered with ancient tech. This has allowed them to advance rapidly. However, there are pockets of technology even above the one they have achieved. These trinkets are what have empowered the “gods of gemma.” Each “pantheon” is a family or corporate structure supported at the top by an individual who controls some extremely high tech. The gods take their titles from the equipment they control. For example, the “god of military excursions” controls an armed interface vehicle (shuttle) of T3 level.

Having described the world she comes from, here is Tu-Anon-Romten, least popular daughter of the Romten pantheon.


Aspects: Gemma Godlet, Romten Pantheon, The Art of war, The Holo Orb, Work the scene, Drama’vore, Unmade Beauty, Drones’ Rights advocate, Unpopular daughter, Politically necessary to Daddy


MG-Art (Allow the use of the Holo-Orb, Art operates as psych war. Culture is never a limiting factor

Have a thing: Holo-Orb (T3)

Swap a Skill: Physical Presence – Swap Art for Charm 3 (She is an expert in holo art, dance, music, poetry few can resist her attention)

Superb: Arts

Great: Assets, Brokerage

Good: Agility, Stamina, Resolve

Decent: Energy Weapon, Brawl, Intimidate, Tactics

Average: Pilot, Aircraft, Engineer, C/T (Demon rock), Computer

The Holo-Orb – Given as a toy to his least favored daughter the patriarch of the Romten Pantheon inadvertently handed a potent weapon to Tu-Anon. ┬áThe Orb can be used to create holographic art around the user, shaping the mood and lighting of a room at the users whim. This allows Tu-Anon to use her Art to place temporary aspects at will. Something her Father has come to rely on due to his poor oratory skills. It is also a potent weapon, its holograms can have a “solidity” allowing them to attack as an energy weapon. Tu refers to these hard images as elementals.

T3 gives an energy weapon 10 build points.

Harm 2 (4bp)

Penetration 2 (2bp)

Min Range: 0 (4bp)

Max Range: 1 (-3 bp)

Dispersed fire (1 bp) (area attack)

Transfer aspect [Holographic Art] (1bp)

Undetectable (1bp)

Low recoil (free)

More later,

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