Jan 182011

Greetings from the sunset world.

Long time no chat. But worry not, development continues carefully, protected by layers of secrecy so deep and black in nature that, dear reader, for your own safety I cannot reveal anything. But having said that, against my better judgment, I reveal the elite mobile infantry unit: Incursion Unit November – Jandras’ Junkers.

Created for a nasty urban insurgency, the Gray Wolf ‘R’ series war strider was intended for drop into occupied zones, where its technological superiority and high mobility could be used for lightning strikes against enemy concentrations while avoiding roads and improvised explosives. November Unit has since gone rogue and now sells their services to the highest bidder.

4 squad members: Jer, Miki, Zendra, Vim; 1 fp each

Gray Wolf strider Series R

Mobile MEK Platform

Mobile Infantry Unit

4ap Lasers

1 right arm neural linked chain gun

1 left arm combat chain saw

Morale 2: OO

Move 4


Skills: Direct fire 4, H-to-H 1, Movement(3)4, Veteran 2

Stunts: Cavalry-light (+1 movement), Agile, Scout

Aspect: Neural Linked Chain gun, Out-of-ammo

Leader: Jandras, 2 fp

Gray Wolf strider Series R1

Mobile MEK Platform – Leader1

Mobile Infantry Unit

4ap Lasers

1 right arm neural linked chain gun

1 left arm shoulder mount AA missile rack

Leader unit – 2 actions

Morale 2+2: OOOO

Move 4


Skills: Direct fire 4, Anti-aircraft 1, Movement(3)4, Veteran 2

Stunts: Cavalry-light (+1 movement), Agile, Scout, Logistics Genius

Aspect: Neural Linked Chain gun, Agility Turbines, Out-of-ammo

As mercenaries they are forced to rely on their employers to provide battlefield support for signals warfare and retooling. Several times this “help” has fallen though. Jandras has earned a reputation for getting his troops through the roughest of scrapes. His current squad are ruthless slackers who despite their extreme laziness in camp are a by-the-book band of fanatical vets in the field. They are dedicated to closing a contract neatly and efficiently, so they can return to their boozing and carousing.

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Oct 302009

A small break from games for something more serious. A message from the sunset world. Recently, a friend at work experienced a death in the family.  His brief and heartfelt warning and request are below.

Many of you that have seen the news, know that a little girl from Vacaville died last Sunday. She tested positive with the H1N1 virus. Well that little girl was my niece. Her name was Alexis and she was only 6 years old. There are two reasons why I am sending this message to all of you one is because many of you have kids, and you need to be very aware of this virus. Protect yourself and everyone around you. Get educated about this virus and if you or your kids are sick stay at home and do not spread this deadly virus. The second reason why I sending this message is just to inform you that my family has set up a foundation that will help cover all the services for my little niece. Alexis Clara Foundation at Wells Fargo Account # 6174118924. I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart any little donation.

Thanks, <edit>

If you can a small donation would be greatly appreciated by the family. You can always tell people you were mugged in the back alley of the internet.

Swine Flu info

Thanks for visiting. Next week I’ll be covering Spirit of the century. I ran a year or so of adventures I want to post. (Just in case there are people still on the fence about SOTC. )

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Oct 052009

Welcome to the back alley of the internet,

Here in the blind alleys and abandoned buildings we still thrive.

This is the coyoteslodge website and review blog.

Coming soon a review and AP (actual play) session for the recently released “diaspora” Hard Science fiction role playing game.

A FATE based game.

Thanks for visiting,

The Lodger

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