Ras slowly stalked his prey. The cockroach ambled along, intent on gathering the remains of a stain off the floor. It was unaware of the wall salamander following it. The salamander's jet-black skin patched with bright scarlet glistened in the pale light of an LED clock, his coloration a sign of the powerful toxins beneath.

The cockroach trotted forward and paused a moment too long. With his short thorn sword Ras easily pierced it between the seams of its armored carapace, pinning it to the linoleum floor.

Unknown to Ras, hidden under a short ledge, a newcomer watched. Hanging inverted under an overhead cupboard, a Glass Shadow began its slow descent.

Competition had come to the kitchen's night. The Glass Shadow stood totally transparent, invisible save for a slight blue refraction of light. It struck quickly at the hunter. Its weapon was a small catfish strapped ingeniously to its right forearm. The weapon sparked as the fish's barbel caught the preoccupied salamander square in the back.

Ras jerked as the potent voltage coursed through him. Wounded, he lashed out at his unseen attacker. Dread of the supernatural lent him a strength beyond his small size. His thin sword sliced through the air, keening as it passed just above the Glass Shadow.

The Shadow leaped high and away and clung to a cabinet door above the salamander, surprised at the strength of the small hunter. The fish weapon began to twitch as the toxins of the salamander's skin paralyzed it, rendering it useless.

Sensing that tonight wasn't the night it would be taking the salamander's prey, the Glass Shadow stilled itself, blending with the cabinet perfectly. It watched with grudging admiration as the hunter picked up his catch and beat a hasty retreat back to his village in the walls.

Adventure Seed: Night of the Glass Shadows

  1. A rainstorm drives the Shadows out of the sewers via the toilet.
  2. A small tribe of twenty Shadows migrates to a hidden area behind the shower.
  3. Rumors of ghosts and demons begin to circulate as wall salamanders notice a decline in game (cockroaches).
  4. Several wall salamanders are attacked while hunting cockroaches.
  5. The danger of overhunting is now very real; something must be done by the players to avoid all-out war.
  6. Stikquito kidnap a horticulturalist salamander and a young Glass Shadow to heighten tensions.
  7. Stikquito attack
  8. Treaties must be made

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