Wall Salamanders

Wall salamander villages are usually found near laundry rooms in houses, tapping water from the walls to fill a communal "mulch" pool. The mulch pool is used to create "ultimulch" for village vines. Vines come in many varieties and are used for food and defense. The vines are from their home dimension. The "ultimulch" allows them to hybridize their vines with native plants to create more hardy/useful strains.

Salamander warriors all have Superb stealth skills.


Stikquito resemble stick figures with no heads. Stikquito have built a civilization by plundering others. They were responsible for the near-annihilation of wall salamanders in their home dimension.

Their cities are of efficient and elaborate paper construction, thanks to the variety of slave races who do the actual building.

Glass Shadows

The Glass Shadows are transparent amphibians appearing as a combination of tree frog and crustacean.

Glass Shadows were brought from their dimension by the Stikquito to act as assassins and terror enforcement among slaves, a task they were unsuited for. For their failure they were abandoned.

The other races still fear their alien ways.

The Shadows hide in sewers and leaky pipes, and are often found behind the walls of bathrooms.

Stikquito Bioweapons

The Beast That Casts No Shadow

This is a massive, glowing wasp. Its wings are useless for flight, but great for blowing or sucking prey toward it. It is traditionally controlled using a gong of alien manufacture.

Breed Queen

The Breed Queen has the neck and forebody of an earwig, but with four spiderish legs.

Grappler Beetle

Grappler beetles have six long grappling legs. They use these legs to capture their prey. STR vs. Good to remove the beetle by breaking its grip.

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