The Grah'k

(Science fiction/Archaeology)


The planet Mirgus III, on the outer rim of human space, has recently been visited by two scientific reseach teams led by rival archaeologists of some importance to their fields.

The discovery of a previously unknown species, the "Grah'k," and the remains of their civilization has caused these two eminent scientists to forget their years of training and rush into the ruins in a race to be the first to uncover a complete relic.

Both sides discover "the vessel." An argument over who found it first and more importantly who gets credit for opening it breaks out.

Unfortunately, during the argument, it is activated.

The gateway allows the entrance of six Grah'k warriors. The Grah'k civilization is very much still around. Having hidden themselves in hyperspace to avoid destruction by a powerful long-dead enemy, they are now prepared to return.

The Grah'k are a savage and highly advanced race. The group must now find a way to close the gate as an ever growing group of Grah'k warriors use their extremely advanced technology to defend it.

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