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What follows is a being of terrifying implications. Slurg started his career as a bit player known as "family friend" Slurg in a Shatterzone game. An Adrasti historian/archaeologist, Slurg spent many decades in pursuit of the secrets of the "ancient chefs." His big break came one day when a player introduced him to a new kind of archaeology sensor. In no time he had convinced all his new friends to help him find a lost "ancestral hall."

Finding the lost hall was a simple task with the new equipment and all seemed to be going well. The first clue that all was not right with Slurg was when he thrust his left arm into the gaping maw of an alien statue and had it bitten off. His lack of surprise or concern about his loss caused much discussion and no end of fearful whispers.

He ended up running deeper into the hall when his companions attempted to steer him to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

This, unfortunately, was not the last time they would see Slurg.

The following characterization represents Slurg in the early days of his career. You may notice that there is no mention of a missing arm. This is not an oversight. Slurg discovered many secrets in that ancient hall. One of them grew him a new arm almost overnight.

By the (alleged) end of his career, Slurg had killed hundreds of times. He had developed a mastery of over a dozen languages, some of them dead for more years than have been recorded. He had developed powerful psionic skills and mastered several martial arts. He had contacted an ancient and evil race of parasites and their godlike masters. He was an accomplished pilot and had had his left hand replaced by a powerful alien artifact.

His (alleged) final day was marked by a very large player-caused explosion. His body was never found.

Note: The following text and picture were entered in the "Badass in the Making" contest (June 2000) held by Gaming Outpost for 6-0 Games' Orbit RPG. Slurg tied for first place!

About the Adrasti

The Adrasti have evolved from a peculiar evolutionary niche. The direct descendants of an arboreal amphibian, they are a curious mixture of the characteristics of both the orangutan and the frog.


A short, squat body covered in coarse red hair. Exposed skin in the areas of the face, head, hands, and feet has a scaled texture and is olive green in complexion. Variation in coloration between different Adrasti is dependent on environment and is seldom noticeable to outsiders. Therefore, the Adrasti who have taken to traveling will affect a particular style of dress that makes them easier to identify from their kin.


The Adrasti have a naturally heightened sense of taste. This has had the effect of making them all gourmets to one degree or another. Subsequently, their society has developed a cooking fetish. On Adrasti Prime, there is no want for food. Restaurants, cafes, and every possible type of food service is available.

The Adrasti are highly sought after for their cooking skills. Many corporations keep several Adrasti chefs on staff for corporate dinners and executive dining. Many are the customers and competitors who have signed contracts after eating Adrasti cuisine and then later wondered why. (See Skills: Adrasti cooking)

The Past

The Adrasti were once a feared and dangerous species to encounter. Their fetish involving food and cooking led them to define new life forms very loosely; i.e., as edible or not edible. The Adrasti roamed the space lanes like hungry predators looking for their next meal. Their motivation, however, was more than culinary. The master chefs had found a way to devour more than just the bodies of their victims. Through special preparation techniques, they had developed the ability to devour memories as well as the flesh of their victims. This enhanced the advancement of Adrasti culture and technology. Fortunately, this same advancement also caused them to reconsider the morality of eating intelligent life forms, resulting in the Adrasti population we know and love today. Over the centuries, these techniques were thought lost to time. Still, there are stories of old books and old ways occasionally resurfacing in the form of ambitious individuals who are determined to keep the old ways alive.

About Slurg in Particular



Slurg is an archaeologist from Adrasti Prime. He discovered the secret kitchen of a master chef hidden for centuries in an abandoned section of forest. His exploration of the dank and dusty halls resulted in the resurfacing of an ancient tome detailing the procedures for the preparation and devouring of intelligent life forms. It included the secrets of how memories could be stolen, thereby granting new skills and knowledge to the diner.


Slurg is charming and devious. His greatest flaw is his overweening ambition. He sees the universe as a large banquet waiting to be devoured. However, at present, he must bide his time and choose his allies carefully. His cooking skills guarantee him a place aboard any ship. It is only a matter of time before he manages to collect the specialized skills he feels are required to forge his destiny.



Last known whereabouts

Slurg was last seen aboard an outbound tramp freighter headed to a nearby trade route. The vessel was later found adrift. No crewmembers were found to comment on his present whereabouts.

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