Adventure Generator

This is a program that a GM might find useful for creating adventures. It randomly generates scene elements: plots, locations, atmospheres and major players. You can view each scene again within the program, or have the scene(s) saved to a file. It's a DOS program, but was tested successfully from the Windows 95, 98 and NT MS-DOS prompts. Here's a sample run:

Enter the number of scenes. (maximum of 6; enter 0 to quit) 1
Scene 1:
The group must survive:
(a) deranged person/people.
Atmosphere: New--a sense of newness/unpredictability
Location: Town--smallish population
Major player #1: Individual--Allied
Unique ability: Beautiful
Major player #2: Entity--Allied
Unique ability: Speed
Major player #3: Group--Opposed
Unique ability: Superior skill
Scrap this scene and generate another one? (y/n)

The program itself is 137K, and comes with a 3K readme.txt file. These are both in a self-extracting archive file called generatr.exe (75K). After downloading, just double-click on generatr.exe. This will create a folder called advngen that contains the program and the text file.

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