Planet: Ahr III

Benjamin Fysc (an NPC) was a wealthy man. Having started as a young accountant, Fysc made a great deal of money early in his career. No one is quite sure how, and Fysc doesn't like to talk about that part of his life. He is happy to leave that tale untold. What he will say is that he got used to the wealth of those early days and would like to return to them. This is made simpler now that his wife and children are "indisposed;" again, he will not share details.

Opportunity has knocked. An old friend recently left Fysc some land and a handwritten journal of a little known business opportunity gone sour.

Fysc, needing a reason to leave town, doesn't hesitate. Of course, he also didn't finish reading the journal. Gathering a small group of trustworthy, hardworking people to act as managers, Fysc sets off to make his fortune in the groller trade.

From this point on the adventure is organized in scenes in a linear time fashion.

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